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Episode 5: Leonora Smith

Off the Page is back with a brand new episode featuring our very own Leonora Smith! Smith is a reader for Fourth Genre, who also recently appeared in the journal with her “Writer as Reader” piece, “Locate Mercy,” from issue 16.1. Her work has traversed both poetry and prose and, in our conversation, we discuss how her poetic leanings inform her interpretations of the creative nonfiction she reads from FG, as well as how she approaches each genre in her own writing.

Thank you for listening, and enjoy episode five!

Episode 4: Kate Carroll de Gutes

Fourth Genre: Off the Page is back with the wonderful Kate Carroll de Gutes. Kate’s career began in journalism, before she found a home in the more creative efforts of nonfiction. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Review, Pank, Gertrude and others. Fourth Genre readers would know Kate for “And So You Begin Again for the First Time” from issue 14.2 as well as “What I Won’t Wear” and “What I Will Wear” from issue 16.1.

Our conversation with Kate discusses her work, specifically her essay in 14.2, alongside larger issues affecting the genre of creative nonfiction, such as truth versus fact.

Thank you for listening and enjoy episode four!

Note: After we stopped recording, Kate and I (Eric) continued our conversation about truth versus fact. She pointed out another difficulty often cited by her friend and mentor, Judith Kitchen — the fallibility of memory and that, as Kitchen says, the very act of remembering imposes a narrative order on the scaffold of facts on which one is building a story, thus shaping the truth.

Episode 3: Matthew Gavin Frank

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We’re finally back with another installment of Fourth Genre: Off the Page. In this episode, you’ll hear the wonderful Matthew Gavin Frank, an accomplished poet and essayist whose work has appeared in numerous journals including Fourth Genre, Creative Nonfiction, The Iowa Review, and The New Republic, among many others. He is the author of several books of both poetry and prose, and his latest, Preparing the Ghost: An Essay Concerning the Giant Squid and Its First Photographer releases this July. Fourth Genre readers might remember the author best from his essay published in issue 14.2, “Silk, Allergies, Sisters, and Incompleteness.”

Frank and I discuss a multitude of topics in this episode, from beards to food to squids to explosions, with a little about writing peppered in.

Special thanks goes to Doug Mains & The City Folk, who kindly provided us our intro and outro music with their beautiful song “Theresa St. Johns” off the album The Mountain’s King.

Thank you for listening, and enjoy episode three!

Published twice annually by Michigan State University Press, Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction is a journal devoted to publishing notable, innovative work in literary (creative) nonfiction. We think of the genre as flexible, fluid, and expansive, and so we’re looking for essays–lyrical, familiar, personal, nature, environmental, travel, cultural, graphic—that knock our socks off.

We love to read nonfiction that is self-interrogative, meditative, and reflective, as well as expository, analytical, exploratory, or whimsical. We want to publish the best literary nonfiction, pieces that reveal a love of the shape of a sentence as well as a line of inquiry. In short, we encourage submissions across the full spectrum of the genre.

Episode 2: Brenda Miller

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In episode two, we continue our series of conversations with writers and editors held last March at AWP in Boston. On the program this time is Brenda Miller, an award-winning author whose work has been published in Fourth Genre, Creative Nonfiction, The Sun and more. Fourth Genre readers will know her most recently from “How to Get Ready for Bed” published in 14.2. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Doug Mains & The City Folk who provided our intro and outro music. You can find out more about the band on their website.

Episode 1: Daisy Hernandez

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In April 2013, the Fourth Genre editorial staff descended on a snow-ridden Boston for the annual conference of Associated Writers and Writing Programs (AWP). During the three-day trip, we were lucky enough to sit down and record conversations with several of the writers published in issue 14.2. We spoke mostly about the writers’ work, but also about larger issues in the world of nonfiction—plus a few exciting extras.

Our first episode features writer and poet Daisy Hernandez, known to FG readers as author of “Before Love, Memory”—a Notable Mention in Best American Essays 2013.

Special thanks to Doug Mains & The City Folk, who provided our intro and outro music. You can learn more about the band on their website.

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